Mississauga Wedding Photography

Each year, the majority of weddings happens in Mississauga. Why is Mississauga so popular for wedding photography?
There is such a big of variety in venues, parks, and professionals to choose from.
Although tourists can take photos almost everywhere, professional photographers require a permit while shooting weddings or engagement sessions.
Below you will find a few great potential spots for your wedding photography in Mississauga, but they will require a permit from you. I typically recommend a location where we will be isolated from large groups and other distractions but during busy summer wedding season don’t be surprised if at the same park you will see a couple of other wedding parties trying to have their wedding pictures done. Even if you book your permit that might not guarantee that the location for your wedding pictures in Mississauga or other cities will be exclusive for your wedding party. In most cases, I usually discourage taking wedding pictures in more than one location so choose your favorite location for your wedding pictures wisely. Go there for a walk and google some pictures from that place so you can be certain that you love it.

If you are looking for tips for Mississauga wedding photography I will try to narrow down to a few weddings from the last couple of years to give you some inspiration regarding your wedding venue and wedding outdoor location for a photo session.

I recently had a pleasure of capturing Maggie and Matt's wedding in Mississauga.
With a help of my photographer Sebastian, we created beautiful images that we can share with you now.
We thought a lot about the perfect place for their Mississauga wedding photography and Maggie found the Richards Memorial Park in Mississauga.
Taking advantage of the perfect day we stayed there for the couple and bridal party sessions.

wedding preparation wedding preparation

The reception was located at the Mississauga Grand that is a very lovely venue with a friendly and professional staff.
Versailles Convention Center in Mississauga is another great venue for your wedding reception especially if you are planning on having a bigger wedding.

Adamson estate Mississauga wedding photography.
This is one of my very favorite places for Mississauga wedding photography! Green and lush, with a lovely trail through the forest. I have created countless beautiful wedding pictures there and no matter what is the weather this place is always a winner in Mississauga wedding top locations.

Beautiful estate area, and a great place for wedding pictures - very serene.
Take a look at a few pictures from the weddings that I have photographed here last year.

wedding preparation wedding preparation

Thinking about past weddings, I can't forget about the venue that was one of the most popular wedding venues last year - Roma's Hospitality Center in Mississauga.
The big advantage of having your wedding reception held here is that all the Mississauga wedding photography locations are nor far from it.

Bradley Museum in Mississauga is one of the lovely surprises and another spot that I can recommend for your wedding photography session in Mississauga.

I love to shoot engagement sessions there. So close to the lake, that you can always split your session in two and take pictures with the lake view.

wedding preparation wedding preparation

The Glenerin Inn Mississauga is another popular Mississauga wedding photography venue.

With the cozy rooms ideal for getting ready pictures, charming reception rooms and friendly staff I really enjoy photographing weddings there.

At Glenerin Inn, if your wedding schedule is tight we can just take family pictures on the stairs in front of the venue and walk around the building and I assure that you will have wonderful pictures!

wedding preparation wedding preparation

If we have more time we can travel to Erindale Park in Mississauga. It's a hidden gem, down in the valley off Dundas St W, Mississauga. It is a very scenic park and it's perfect if you are looking for a wedding photography location in Mississauga.
Try to find a location that has a meaning to you. Find beauty in uncommon and unique things. I am always excited to photograph new places which I haven’t discovered yet. Find your favorite colors in nature. If you have fall wedding try to find some trees with beautiful colorful leaves and let the seasons help you decorate your wedding session whether you are looking for Mississauga wedding photography or other places. Please remember if you hire me as your wedding photographer I will always be happy to assist and help and help you with your research.

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