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I have been asked recently by a few couples if there are any interesting spots around the Milton area for a wedding photography and suitable for engagement photography in Milton. I have my one favorite place in Milton that I like to bring my couples for wedding and engagement pictures and it is the Rattlesnake Point in Milton. Part of the extensive Niagara Escarpment, the area, affords fantastic views over the surrounding valley and stunning fall colors. The views of Mt Nemo, farms, colorful trees, escarpment, cedars, and limestone are wonderful. With so many interesting sites I could take pictures the day for the whole day. Usually, with my couples, we walk from spot to another awesome place. I always recommend to bring some spare, comfortable shoes for a session in Rattlesnake Point and a bottle of water as the place can sometimes be challenging both so worth it. It is a beautiful place to take some pictures and walk the trail.

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Another beautiful place in Milton for your wedding pictures is Hilton Falls Conservation Area. The place is amazing. Very scenic hike, beautiful waterfall. Great place to see Fall colors. The park is beautiful and not that busy even on a Saturday afternoon. Another place that I would like to mention is Limehouse Conservation Area in Milton. It's a nice and interesting place to take a walk in the Halton region. The area offers a chance to explore the historical Limestone Kilns and take a step back in time to early days of settlement.

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I am always more than happy to come and cover your wedding in one of Milton's weddings venue or a restaurant if you are planning on having a smaller wedding. If you like my pictures and would like to meet with me for the consultation, please contact me, and we can meet at my office in Hamilton or somewhere more convenient for you. If you are looking for a wedding photographer from Milton area and one who knows the area and can be your guide just call me or send me a message. I always enjoy a nice hike with my couples and all the pictures with nature, and there is no better way to capture many candid moments then take a walk with your wedding photographer.