Wedding at the Adamson Estate Mississauga

Year after year I have been shooting at the Adamson Estate Mississauga and been enjoying this park so much at that decided to write a few words about it and attach a few wedding pictures examples. Many wedding couples have been asking me where to go for their wedding session in Mississauga, and I can certainly recommend Adamson Estate, Mississauga. Every time I take pictures there I find a new angle, new spot and it is really exciting for me to do wedding pictures there! Green and lush, with a lovely trail through the forest. As soon as you park, you can get a lovely view of the entire estate and the lakefront area as well which is very peaceful and quiet. You may require a permit to take wedding photos but check with the city to confirm. According to historical information, what is now Adamson Estate began in 1809 as a land grant to Joseph Cawthra that got passed down through the generations as “Grove Farm.” Said farm was later given as a wedding gift to Mabel Cawthra and Adar Adamson in 1899 and from then on became known as “Adamson Estate.” The property was acquired by the Credit Valley Conservation Authority in 1975 and formally recognized as a historic place in 1978. Currently, the buildings are used by a private high school (Blyth Academy) but the grounds are open to the public. Lovely view of Ontario lake! Excellent place to take the perfect picture. As a Mississauga wedding photographer, Alexandra Jakubowska Wedding photography is a wedding photographer located in the Hamilton area, providing Mississauga, Oakville and Toronto. If you are looking for a professional wedding photographer from Mississauga who can help you to find best parks and locations for your wedding pictures around Mississauga, please get in touch with me, and I will be happy to meet with you for a free consultation. Also highly recommended my sister company from Hamilton - best Hamilton wedding photography.

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