Wedding photo session at The Lakeshore Convention Center

Wedding photography at The Lakeshore Convention Center in Mississauga with Monica and Nick. It was a busy summer for us, and we’re still catching up on blogging our latest work. On a hot September day, Monica and Nick said their I do’s at the Christ Church in Mississauga. After the park session in Mississauga with their fun bridal party, we head to the reception. The Lakeshore Convention Center in Mississauga is a beautiful establishment for weddings. Everyone says your wedding goes by so fast, you’re lucky if you get a chance to eat. After all the time, money, and effort you put into planning and organizing your perfect day, it seems a shame not to get a chance to enjoy every aspect. By hiring a professional, enthusiastic wedding photographer, you will have all those important memories frozen, and you can enjoy looking back at them. Whether it is a hot day, like we had with my September couple or a cold winter day, I will stay by your side and make sure you look your best. I will capture all the beautiful pictures for you.

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