Rustic Toronto Wedding at Black Creek Pioneer Village

I’m continuing to catch up on my blog posts before wedding season, so I’ll be sharing a few of my favorites wedding pictures from Yung and Jeremy. I shot this wedding with a help of my photographer Sebastian and we are the excellent team when it comes to the weddings. He started with grooms preparation pictures and the couple wanted to keep everything very casual at groom's parent's house in Toronto. I was with my bride and I have to say it was a very unique experience for me. Yung created and put her heart in every detail of her wedding. starting with her wedding dress which she sew herself for over a year, with her wedding bouquets that she created before the wedding and finally, all the wedding beautiful touches. Yes, she styled her hair and made her own makeup. The effect was stunning. She looked like one of the Disney Princess and she blew me away with all her creativity. Their ceremony and pictures and reception took place at one of my favorite place Black Creek Pioneer Village, Toronto. I’m observing how people interact – their body language, their facial expressions and it didn’t take long for me to see that Yung and Jeremy were crazy in love. Even with hundreds of people around and all of the variables of a wedding day, it all seemed to fade away for them when they were together. It made my job – to capture and document as many of these moments as I could – really fun and enjoyable. Let’s get to the wedding photos!

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Alexandra Jakubowska

My name is Alexandra and I love to photograph people in love.

I have been a wedding photographer for the last 10+ years. It is my passion and a dream job. I have studied photography in London, England. I am a wife and a mom of two beautiful girls. I was born in Poland but fell in love with Canada and found my special place in Flamborough (north of Hamilton). I love to travel, dates with my husband, glass of wine and good music. I am a full-time wedding photographer which means I can dedicate myself to my clients seven days a week. I have a great understanding of your "big day" and can guarantee a flexible, discreet and creative approach.

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