Preparation and wedding photography timeline

Having been shooting weddings for so many years, I have been asked almost by every bride wedding photography timeline. Truly, the wedding experience depends on whether the wedding timeline is well framed or not. And Toronto and surrounded areas like Oakville, Hamilton is such a diverse region where different cultures have different ways to celebrate so this article is just a general guideline for couples to consider frame their wedding. I hope these tips from my perspective be useful for brides and grooms planning their wedding day.

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wedding preparation photos wedding photography preparation

Let's start with getting ready pictures or also called preparation pictures. I like to spend with my bride at least one hour in order to get the details pictures, bride's portraits, the bride, and bridesmaids pictures and capture all the atmosphere, all the emotions right before your wedding ceremony, happiness and tears. During this part of the day, we will photograph you getting dressed, and putting all of your details on. A tip from your wedding photographer - remember to keep the room clear of all clutter, as clutter can hamper our ability to find good places to shoot. Also, be sure to set up your makeup chair in front of the brightest window.

wedding preparation photos wedding photography preparation

Groom's preparation, Groom Portraits (30 Minutes Minimum).

While it doesn’t take guys an hour to get dressed, there are still tons of great moments during this time between the groom and his family and friends. We want to have you dressed when we arrive at your suite. A tip from your wedding photographer: please always let me know if you like some goofy pictures with your groomsmen and I am up for fun.

wedding preparation photos wedding photography preparation

First Look Pictures (15 minutes Minimum).

The actual time needed for the first look isn't really 15-20 minutes, most of them are done within a 5, but I like scheduling a bit more time within the so we can capture some of the more formal portraits of the bride and groom. This can be an emotional part of the day. Once the location is set up, the groom will be placed in position, and the bride will surprise him. I will help you through this process and will try to be as less invisible as possible. I think that best wedding photographer should always be as less visible as a possible but surprising bride and groom with the beautifully captured moments.
Family's formal pictures take approximately 30 minutes and should be captured right after your ceremony, I like to gather people for the family pictures. That is the best time during your wedding day as you will have everybody gather. I like to work with the list of family pictures combinations. I will ask you to send me that list closer to your wedding day, and it will help us a lot to relax and not to stress that we might have forgotten about a picture with any family member.

wedding preparation photos wedding photography preparation

Wedding Party Photos (30-40 minutes).

The time we need for Wedding Party Photos will depend on how many people you have in your party and the locations available to us.
After we get classic group pictures, we will move onto fun and creative shots.
We can get individual shots of a bridal party and of the couple with the bridal party members if possible for your day.

wedding preparation photos wedding photography preparation

Couples Photos (around 40 minutes up to 1 hour).

Tip from your wedding photographer - couples wedding session should take place ideally 30 to 45 minutes before sunset.
The is the best time regarding lighting.

wedding preparation photos wedding photography preparation

Reception Details Pictures (around 20 minutes).

Similar to the ceremony details, this is the only opportunity we have to capture the beauty of the reception area before guest’s arrival after Cocktail Hour.
I always enjoy taking pictures of wedding cake or wedding flowers and never forget about all even small details from your wedding day.

I hope this guide has helped you think about your wedding day.

Having experienced creative wedding photographer will allow you to relax and enjoy your special day and then look back at your wedding pictures with smile and amazement.
I am a Hamilton wedding photographer but I cover Oakville, Mississauga, Burlington, Toronto and the whole GTA area. Please get in touch with me, and I will be happy to answer all your questions and photograph your wedding day.