The Ultimate Guide to Getting Ready Pictures: Tips from a Seasoned Wedding Photographer


Welcome to my comprehensive guide on capturing the most beautiful and memorable getting ready pictures on your special day. As a wedding photographer with 12 years of experience, I, Alexandra Jakubowska, am here to share my insights and tips to ensure that every moment is picture-perfect.

1. Pay Attention to Details:

Your wedding day is a mosaic of details that create a beautiful picture. Ensure that everything is prepared in advance: the bride's perfume, jewelry, shoes, bouquet, wedding invitation, and engagement rings. Grooms should not forget their tie or bow tie, shoes, socks, cologne, cufflinks, and wedding rings. And brides, remember a custom hanger for your dress—it makes a big difference in photos!

2. Timing Your Makeup and Hair:

The most common reason brides are late to their ceremony is misjudging the time needed for hair and makeup. Start early and don't be the last if others are getting styled too. Rushing can lead to stress and less time for those beautiful getting ready shots.

3. Keep Your Space Clutter-Free:

A tidy space is key for stunning photos. Make your beds and clear away any clutter. A clean and organized environment will enhance the beauty of your preparation photos.

4. Embrace Your Emotions:

Your wedding day is full of emotions—don't be afraid to show them! Genuine smiles, tears of joy, and heartfelt laughter add an irreplaceable warmth to your photos.

5. Toast to the Day:

A champagne toast with your bridesmaids or a celebratory shot with the groomsmen are not just fun but also great photo opportunities. These moments help you relax and enjoy the getting-ready process.

6. Additional Tips for Preparing for Your Big Day:

•  Lighting Matters: Choose a getting-ready location with plenty of natural light. It adds a soft, romantic touch to your photos.
•  Coordinate Outfits: Matching robes or shirts for your bridal party can make for cohesive and charming group photos.
•  First Look with Parents or Bridesmaids: Consider a first look with your parents or bridal party. It's a beautiful moment and makes for unforgettable photos.
•  Have a Mini Timeline: Keep a mini timeline handy. It ensures you're on track and helps in capturing all the important moments.


Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and every moment counts. With these tips, you'll be well-prepared to capture stunning getting ready pictures that you'll cherish forever. Remember, as the best wedding photographer, Alexandra Jakubowska, I'm here to make your special day even more unforgettable!

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