Wedding photography locations in Oakville

Here is a quick guide to Wedding photography locations in Oakville. I divided it into two parts: parks where you need a permit and parks where you can take your wedding pictures without the permit. Oakville is a beautiful suburban town that sits on the north shore of Lake Ontario. There are many places where you can take your wedding pictures. For these following parks, you will need to obtain a permit.

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Gairloch Gardens - 1306 Lakeshore Road East

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Beautiful small park right on the shore of Lake Ontario. Beautiful park, ponds, crashing waves, old trees and a rose garden.

Erchless Estate - 8 Navy Street

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Awesome bits of history. The lovely garden around the museum and the building itself will make a perfect backdrop for your Oakville wedding photography. We can also walk to the lake to finish with the few pictures on the pier.

Locations that do not require a permit

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Shell Park 3307 Lakeshore Road West Oakville Well maintained, beautiful landscaping and lots of flowers. Shell Park in Oakville has more than 500 blooming roses.

Tannery Park - Great place by the lake. I could recommend it either for engagement or wedding pictures in Oakville. Not that big but looked cozy with an amazing view of the marina and the lake. Small parking is available

Nottinghill Park 1150 Nottinghill Gate Oakville Lots of flowers and a beautiful place to take wedding photography in Oakville.

Lions Valley Park 1227 Lions Valley Rd Oakville

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Beautiful views and a great long trail. As an Oakville wedding photographer, I know Oakville area very well, used to lived there for a while, so can guide you through different locations and help you to choose a perfect one for your needs.